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Topic: GPO Glockenspiel repeating notes!?

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    Question GPO Glockenspiel repeating notes!?

    I was working on a piece today involving a glockenspiel (along with the rest of a full orchetsra) and have a problem with the glockenspiel playback. For some reason it is playing extra notes that don't exist!

    For instance, if I have the glock playing a half note triad beginning on beat one of a measure, it will playback the sound of the notes being played on the downbeat and then REPEAT the same notes again on beat two.

    So I tried changing it to a quarternote on beat one and rests for the remainder of the bar - same problem. I have checked the other layers, I have checked every other setting I can seem to find. Nothing looks out of place.

    Any ideas?

    (Full version of GPO playing back through Finale 2006 HP. Instrument is Glockenspiel KS - but I'm just using the computer keyboard/mouse for input, so it isn't a MIDI keyboard issue - unless it is a LACK of MIDI keyboard issue. )

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    Re: GPO Glockenspiel repeating notes!?

    See my reply on Compose Forums.

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