I bought Garritan Jazz & Big Band a few weeks ago. If I had known that Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler was involved I would probably decided not to buy it.

Mosty because I havent had any problems with any software VST plugins or registration forms earlier. Ok I admit I am still using Logic 5 for PC. (I also admit that I bought Cubase SX3 as well, but have no extra time learning it cause I got too many production cases with short deadlines popping up all the time).

However, the latest days I have had too much problems with their idiotic registration form. They tell I already have a registered email account but when I try this email they say it doesnt excist? When trying to contact them there is no answers or replies at all.

Another thing is their totally worthless explanation about the not working modulation wheel. This is probably the most pathetic reason to blame someone else for your incompetence I ever heard. They say its an old bug in Logics old PC version that makes their modulation wheel end up in a null value position all the time. Crap! In that case.. why doesnt this happend with any of the other samplers I bought recently... Hypersonic, X-Phrase, Atmosphere or any other... I know why!

These guys at those other companies have by evidence more competence to program stuff that works.

Youre damn right I am angry, frustrated and push a little hard here... but honestly I think they deserve even more critisism than this. Personally I wouldnt have one customer left if I ever had come up with such a bad behaviour and lousy explanations.