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Topic: Clicks at the end of notes

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    Clicks at the end of notes

    I am having a problem wherein my Cellos Sus+Short are clicking upon rendering. They play back just fine when listening to a short loop, but when I try to capture them as audio, there is a click at the end of the last note.
    When I try to sustain longer than 1 bar, I get a very nasty click when it passes the 1 bar mark.

    I am using ACID 5.0. My system has been rock solid for tons of audio tracks,but now that I am using NI playback, I am running into lots of problems. Suggestions?

    If I uploaded the MIDI file in question, could some kind person play back the file, and capture the file to WAV, and see if that generates a click?

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    Re: Clicks at the end of notes

    Hi nutrapuppy,

    in options of GPO player, disable DFD. D not save the project, just reload the project and see if the click after one bar still occurs. Should not.

    could be that there is as library update provided by Mr. Garritan which allows to use DFD without having clicks (at the loop point)?

    I am not sure about the rendering click, but it could be that this is also sorted out by not using DFD or using a GPO library update.

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