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Topic: Netport

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    Unhappy MIDIoverLAN Doubled Netports

    i'm new here...hi everibody!

    -i'm using logic pro 7.1 on a dedicated mac g5 with motu 896/tiger .4
    -gigastudio 3 orchestra on a dedicated pentium4 3.20 winXPpro serv2 PC
    (yes, the pc is configured for audio workss)
    -using MIDIoverLAN 2.2.1 CP.

    computers are currently sharing files via LAN, and it worx ok.

    the problem is:
    1-i have doubled netport on gigastudio!! i mean (on hardware tab) i have "netport 11" AND "netport 11(2)", then...the port is currently working is "netport 11(2)", why i have that doubled ports?

    2-if i launch the vsl performance tool, it worx only with "netport 1".. really strange!

    how can i "initialize" the netports, i don t want this "doubled" behaviour!!

    please help, thx!
    mac Logic- PC Giga 3

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    Re: Netport

    solved! i found what was the problem!!
    really txs to all...

    mac Logic- PC Giga 3

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