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Topic: EWQLSO Timing not tuning

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    Smile EWQLSO Timing not tuning

    Why is no one discussing timing issues?
    They are much more relevant imo.
    ..alot of sampled instruments have bad timing...they need usually to be corrected to get the attacks fast enough...especially the string staccatos.....any opinions on this?

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    Re: EWQLSO Timing not tuning

    EWSO XP as tuning issue, i'm sorry but it's there, i never used the old lib. you mentioned, but i agrea that EWSO is O.K., but XP tuning issue, i just fond more yesterday night, now, is it normal??? IMO, i don't think so, i could be wrong? but i will soon test this whit SISS + VSL, then we'll see.

    I also notice the timing problemes, i think it may have been done intentionnaly??? Don't pay to mutch attention to that last part, but i think you can correct the timing probleme in Kontack, it should be easy, i heard someone mention that they left a little space before the attack so we can tweak the sample as we want.

    Good luck!
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