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Topic: New piece with GPO and JABB

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    New piece with GPO and JABB

    I wrote this yesterday in response to Skysaw's challenge, and posted it in his thread. I figured I may as well post it here too, for everyone else's consideration.

    I hate the title: "this place i once called home" and find it pretentious and sappy. Any suggestions on a better title would be appreciated.

    It's at the bottom of this page: www.uglybassett.com/concertmusic

    Violin (Gagli Solo KS) - with some fancy delay processing
    Alto flute
    Trumpet (JABB Tpt 1 with harmon mute) - also with some delay
    Tuba (GPO Tuba, run through some overdrive and tape saturation)
    Harp (Chromatic Harp 1)

    Anyway, I don't post demos here nearly enough, so I figured I'd submit it--it's kind of a moody piece, perhaps a bit cinematic in an ambient neo-noirish sort of way. (Skysaw's theme was "bittersweet" and this is what came to mind).

    Any thoughts would be appreciated (criticism welcome as well)...


    P.S. Another GPO piece on this page is "not the moon" which I submitted here a year or two ago. I think everything else on the page is live musicians.

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    Re: New piece with GPO and JABB

    I really liked this piece, you exploited this somewhat unique soundworld really well, and kept me hooked to the very last note.
    Regards Joe

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    Re: New piece with GPO and JABB

    Hey Chris, cool piece of work, this... really got me drawn into it.

    And dang, I've got a hard time wrapping an emotive context around it -- not ambiguous, really, but it rises through the crevices between the things we have words for.

    Intriguing... pieces like this always hook me.


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    Re: New piece with GPO and JABB

    Thanks for the comments, guys. I kind of enjoyed writing this, I may write more stuff like this. I'm thinking of extending this one, or perhaps having the rolling harp stuff crossfade into the beginning of a new piece, maybe extending it into a whole album of sampled instruments with FX...


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    Re: New piece with GPO and JABB

    Very mesmerizing!

    .. And addicting

    True, once you begin to listen… you can't stop!.
    Not sure what this writing is .. But it's very effective!

    Cool work Chris!


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    Re: New piece with GPO and JABB

    Nicely written! Nicely sequenced!! I like it!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Thumbs up Re: New piece with GPO and JABB

    very very well done, sir...i really enjoyed this - and the mix sounds great...


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