Well folks, at NAMM I met a man who is, for me, a legend. While I realize that the core disk-streaming capability comes from a patent license -- and this is what gives Kontakt such a vexing trouble -- it is the INTEGRATIVE mind that really impresses me. I have so much respect for all the NemeSys guys. As a guitar player, drums are the most difficult thing to come across, and ever since high school I was so frustrated with the sound quality of drum machines when it came to sounding like real drums. And of course, I lacked the funds to even consider hardware samplers.

So years later, when I first heard of GigaSampler I knew that finally a possible solution hath appear'd. And I've been a loyal user since version 1.0.

Anyhow, he's a very mellow and unassuming gentleman, yet at the same time, very keen on the core features and strength of Giga. I discussed with him the perceived value of Kontakt scripting amongst the user base, and he confirmed that similar capabilities exist within Giga but are more exposed to developers. At around the same time (I don't remember when, or about what exactly) he also made a cryptic reference to Giga 4, upon which he did not elaborate.

I went on to mention Synful and the interconnection between synthesis and sampling on the road to realism, and he seemed to concur, commenting that he's in regular communication with Eric. He also pointed out (and demonstrated, using some SISS components) how dynamic envelope filters are able to accomplish similar effects. He even took the time to crack open some DEF files and relate the data structure to characteristics of physical modeling. After which I attempted to bow out gracefully, noticing a line of other devotees gathering for an audience with the guru...

That's all, just wanted to share my little NAMM story and of course just add to the record that it was most enjoyable to meet one of the guys who made my creative life significantly better. Wish I could have bought him a beer. It's funny, living in LA I don't really care about celebrities or even those worthy of admiration, such as great musicians... but product engineers -- hey, now we're talkin!!

(I also of course saw the GVI demo. In the hands of the right programmer, it has lots of potential. Considering how hard and heavy folks have been slavering for it, I'm surprised there isn't more commentary here [yet] regarding it. I've noticed that the hunger for all things Giga is intense, and once the product/update is released, you don't really hear too much about it after that. People must be too busy enjoying themselves to post questions or comments.)