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Topic: Danzimar Organ

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    Danzimar Organ

    In a 5 day period in 1993, I wrote 4 marches for band. This is the second to be arranged for pipe organ. The mp3 is the best way to listen, as it is GPO pipe organ.

    This is hard core tonal music, and I don't do much of that lately!

    Danzimar Organ

    The link will lead to three choices.

    At the top, you will see a blue button to play the mp3.

    Just below that, you will see the score, if you have the Scorch plugin. Otherwise, a blank where the score ought to be. Here you can view the score and listen to the Scorch playback (GM), not a good sound, usually.

    Below this, under the heading of details, you will see a choice to download the mp3 file, which is the best choice if you want to hear, and don't have broadband.


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    Re: Danzimar Organ

    Again, great march!!
    And again, THEATRE ORGAN!!!! WOOOOOO HOO!!!!!!!!!
    The GPO organ suits this piece very well!

    I love a good march!

    Great work!

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    Re: Danzimar Organ

    Nice romp on the pipes Richard. I felt like marching around the room. What reverb is that? Its perfect for the GPO organ.

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    Re: Danzimar Organ

    Like this one, Richard [even if I am somewhat aghast at the idea of you writing tonal music]... definitely Wayland, and a great admixture of romp and circumstance (sorry, couldn't resist)...

    Listened through this several times. Delightful! By gosh, you must have been having one heck of a good day when you wrote this one!


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