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Topic: More softsynth editions of classic boards

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    More softsynth editions of classic boards

    I bought a couple of interesting soft synths over the holidays- Arturia CS80V and Korg Legacy Digital Edition (incl. M1 and Wavestation). While I haven't quite gotten into the CS80V as much as I'd hoped, I'm really impressed with the Korg package. They even had a major upgrade last week that includes all of the T series sounds. I wonder if they will add 01/W sounds eventually?

    This had me thinking whether other big companies like Roland and Yamaha or even Kurzweil will ever jump on the bandwagon and release soft synth versions of classics like The K250 (would love that!), D50, Jupiter 8, SY33, or even more recent fare like the Motif series. I know the Motif is still in production but a lower cost sound bank would increase their sales methinks. Most people don't buy boards any longer because computers have far greater memory and the mix down is a lot easier when it's all in the digital realm.

    ANy other boards people would like to see out in soft synth form?

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    Re: More softsynth editions of classic boards

    Well, Yamaha has already released some plugins. The are effects though; "Pitchfix", "final master" and "vocal rack".

    Roland released VariOS, containing Jupiter 8 and TB-303 about 2 years ago, which was software that needed hardware to run. They failed somehow miserably as far as I remember.


    Personally, I'm much more interested in new and exciting ways of doing synthesis, instead of releasing a software version of an ancient analog synth.
    Products like Absynth, Reaktor, Z3ta+ and Zebra I find a lot more interesting than another Arp2600 or Minimoog in software versions, but each to his own.

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