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Topic: STYLUS RMX installation problem.

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    STYLUS RMX installation problem.

    Hi all...new here,

    I've emailed Spectrasonics/called but their out of town.

    Just purchased Stylus RMX and I'm having a heck of a time getting it loaded on XP with Cubase SX3.

    My main problem is I've got 1.25GB (of 8GB total) left on C drive so I can't load the SAGE folder in my OS directory (due to it's size obviously).

    Is there a work around i.e., installing the whole program, including samples on another partition? I've tried installing JUST the plugin itself on "C" and doing the shortcut to another partition for the SAGE folder...but nada.

    Can anybody help!

    Thanks...great place BTW.

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    Re: STYLUS RMX installation problem.

    you can place the sage-folder on every drive you want, but you have to create a shortcut to it and place that shortcut in the spectrasonic-folder. (on my computer it is: c>programme>spectrasonics)

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    Re: STYLUS RMX installation problem.

    Thanks zonobono,

    Got it!

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    Thumbs down Re: STYLUS RMX installation problem.

    I saw a friend install his RMX, and I haveto be honest..This Install process sucks bigtime.. Whatever happend to the simple installer? Load and go n Play??? Sheesh... Nice App, way too complicated to install..

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    Re: STYLUS RMX installation problem.


    I hear ya...now the authorization code won't load.

    ...but that's another thread.

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    Re: STYLUS RMX installation problem.

    I had the same problem when I first installed it a few weeks ago and the support guy helped me on the phone to get it straigtened out. I had the idea that the samples should be on one drive and the app on another but Doug at Spectrasonics told me it isn't an issue as the samples load completly in ram. The only reason to have the files separate would be an available drive space issue.
    You can also download Stramove and "move" the dat file to the same or another location and it will place the Sage shortcut for you.

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