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Topic: Real Guitar 2.0 release ?

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    Real Guitar 2.0 release ?

    Not even remotely a guitar player (and not always able to hire one) - RG 1.5 has been a good tool. This new edition looks even better. Hard to tell when it ships but you might find these demos interesting if you are after a good acoustic sound.

    You would be surprise how fast you learn how to 'play' (keyswitches, splits, etc.) this instrument - strangely intuitive. Some very creative mapping and programing done here - IMHO. My guitar playing brother thinks it sucks though


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    Re: Real Guitar 2.0 release ?

    I'm chomping at the bit, too. I got V1.5 in October to be in line for the free upgrade, and maybe a couple of weeks ago recieved a letter from MusicLab saying that it would be released right after NAMM.

    So, hopefully very soon.

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