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Topic: Another GPO pedal problem with piano

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    Another GPO pedal problem with piano

    I'm using an M-Audio SP2 sustain pedal plugged into the Hold jack of a Roland A-37 keyboard, with Cubase. When I use the pedal on a piano instrument, notes tend to sustain for quite a long time. Not necessarily til I close the program, but 10-20 seconds at least. I notice in Cubase that there are (pretty much) constant midi signals being passed across, even when I'm not touching anything. When I switch the polarity switch on the pedal, it works perfectly, but backwards (as I would expect -- if only I could just reverse my muscle memory and play the pedal up when I mean down...). I've tried all the different legato/sustain modes in the options, but none of them seem to work like I would expect -- basically, when the pedal is up, you'd expect the notes to release. This seems kind of similar to a few recent posts, but the solutions to those don't seem to work for me. Any other suggestions?


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    Re: Another GPO pedal problem with piano

    Well, I would l set my pedal to normal, open the little box or whatever, and reverse the connections. Alternately, you may have an option on your keyboard to reverse the polarity of the jack. Your pedal, I presume, uses a standard telephone jack?

    You could also cheaply enough, buy a few pieces at Radio Shack or somewhere, and assemble your own reversing polarity patch cord or adapter.


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    Re: Another GPO pedal problem with piano

    It turned out that the pedal wasn't compatible with my keyboard. I got a new Roland DP-8 (with a stereo connector, rather than mono) to be compatible with my Roland A-37 keyboard, and now it works fine. Thanks to Richard for his help along the way!


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