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Topic: Trilogy update

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    Trilogy update

    Hi everybody,

    just received Trilogy, installed, and: HAD FUN. Lots of. Thanks Eric, as anticipated, after using Stylus eccessively, it´s great.
    Loaded down Trilogy 1.2, tried to install, told me it didn´t find the DAT file. What am I going to do, checked the DAT file, which is, together with DLL and all the stylus stuff, at place, which is C: Programs/Spectrasonics/Trilogy.

    Any hints?

    Thanks a lot

    Horch from Frankfurt, Germany

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    Re: Trilogy update

    Use SpectraMove application and choose MOVE the data (.dat) file to the same location where it is currently located.
    This will rebuild the registry pointing to the .dat file.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Trilogy update

    Mind, thanks a lot, downloaded spectramove, will try it later.


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    Thumbs up Re: Trilogy update

    I had this same problem upgrading my Trilogy to V1.2 and I followed these steps from Spectrasonics website to fix it.

    Need help with the Windows VST Update?

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