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Topic: As per David's ideas

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    As per David's ideas

    Hello everyone!

    I took the advice of David...sped up the tempo, higher key, and so on...

    Let me know what you all think.



    March of the Over-Fiend__updated version

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    Re: As per David's ideas

    Paul, For some reason you file can not be loaded and thus read on my Mac, but I had no trouble with your las version. Perhaps you'd like to check it. Karl

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    Re: As per David's ideas

    The load time is a bit slow, but it finally did come up. Perhaps the hosting site was down for a little bit...if you would be so kind as to try it again and let me know if it works.

    Thank you,


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    Re: As per David's ideas

    Hey, please, don't give credit to me, Paul. It's your piece, and you're doing the work -- all I'm doing is flapping my jaws.

    I'd say kicking the tempo gives the piece a much more compelling forward progress. And I like the brighter sound with it moved uphill a bit.

    Let's see what the rest of the gang thinks!


    Post Scriptum:
    There's some sort of 'Net-wide traffic jam that's been disrupting traffic on many nodes since last evening... had trouble loading this, too; but that should all clear up in a bit.

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    Re: As per David's ideas


    It seems to be working now. Much inproved. Thanks.


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