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Topic: "My Choice" new song using GPO

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    "My Choice" new song using GPO

    “My Choice”- Written by Judy Hubbard.

    My friend Judy Hubbard asked me to develop an arrangement for this song.
    Please be advised that the song is written from a PRO-LIFE and CHRISTIAN perspective.

    It is a song about a woman who feels guilt and shame about the choice that she made 19 years ago to have an abortion. She wonders if God can forgive her.

    The song’s writer, Judy Hubbard, performs the vocals.

    Vocals were recorded with Rode NT-1/ ART Tube MP preamp.
    During mixdown, vocal was patched through Alesis Nanocomp compressor.

    I arranged and performed the instruments:

    Acoustic Piano,Strings, Cymbal rolls - Garritan Personal Orchestra
    Electric Piano - Yamaha DX-200
    Bass - Yamaha MU-80
    Drums - Live Acoustic Drums
    Sample of an ultrasound recording of the heartbeat of a 16 week fetus was used to make the rhythmic sound in the intro. ( it was slowed down to match the song tempo)

    To listen, please navigate to my motagator site and select the song "My Choice":


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    Re: "My Choice" new song using GPO

    Very good.
    Nice rich orchestrations. Judy has a good voice. I think that this piece is a great Christian work. Instrumentation and lyrics are top notch.

    I think the only Crits. I can give would be that the vocals are a little bit too up front. She seems to drown out the orchestra. Needs to be set back just a little bit.

    Not bad at all.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: "My Choice" new song using GPO

    Beautiful work on this, Robert, really lovely; deeply moving.

    The single thing I might suggest on the mix is perhaps pull the vocals back just a little. To me (using headphones, anyway) she's a little too out front. [Edit: I see 88 beat me to that while I was typing... lol.]

    As for the perspective... I doubt a heart-wrenching decision like this haunts only those of pro-life Christian beliefs; but every woman, and man, who has ever made such a choice.

    Top flight work!


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    Re: "My Choice" new song using GPO

    etlux and 88 fingers:

    Thank you for your comment about the balance.
    This will help me when I do the final mix.
    In the mean time, have remastered this one it to bring out the orchestration a little better.



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