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Topic: EWQLSO Gold - question on reverb settings

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    Question EWQLSO Gold - question on reverb settings

    Does anyone know what would be the reverb settings that would match the properties of the EWQL hall?

    There are some other sounds in my mix, and I'm considering to put a reverb only on their bus, so they would blend with the Gold orchestra. The ear is the best judge, of course, but some precise details would help.



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    Re: EWQLSO Gold - question on reverb settings

    I think I'm not going to be able to help you (because I'm a beginner), but, for anyone going to help you, it would be ok to know which reverb unit/plugin are you using.

    If you own a IR reverb, (and if not, try this one because it's free http://www.knufinke.de/sir/index_en.html), you could get some impulses of a concert hall. You can search for them at noisevault (http://www.noisevault.com). I think Gary Garritan is going to release a IR library containing high quality impulses of lots of concert halls and other spaces (Garritan Real Spaces), so keep an eye on that release.

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold - question on reverb settings

    Would you mind giving some specifics on what other sounds you're planning to blend with EWQL? For example, when I wanna blend VSL instruments with EWQL (especially the VSL winds), I use the "entry hall 1.2s" convolution preset in Kontakt2, along with a wide and subtle EQ cut around 500-800Hz to give some more distance. Then I put a bit of regular-reverb over both VSL and EWQL, just to glue it all together some more.

    As far as matching the halls, the entry hall preset in KT2 seems pretty close to EWQL's hall, which has a good amount of high pitched "air" going around. The reason I asked about what you were blending EWQL with though is that really close and precise samples (eg. VSL) are the toughest to mix with anything, and since EWQL is so natural/blendy on its own, it's even harder to keep stuff from sticking out like a sore thumb. I think the EQ cut with VSL has been the most effective method I've used yet to counteract that, so it's worth trying even if you're using something else.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold - question on reverb settings

    Thanks for the hints.

    With "precise details" I meant ms of delay and decay, lowpass frequency, stuff like that - if anyone knows the exact characteristics of the hall those samples were recorded in.

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