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Topic: Okay...here goes

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    Okay...here goes

    I will put all of my test tracks on this post...
    1. Link --sort of an unrequited love kind of thing
    2. Link --into the jaws...
    3. Link --jazz-esqe wandering around bit
    4. Link --love theme

    I do not know whether thes links will work...let me know!
    If they do work...please be brutally honest. Are they good? Are they crap? Are they good crap? LOL

    Anyway, thank you all...in advance
    Last edited by Prowland; 01-24-2006 at 09:17 PM. Reason: bad links...fixed now

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    Re: Okay...here goes

    Into The Jaws - Overall the production values are pretty good. It has a kind of 'Japan'-metal feel to it (along the lines of Final Fantasy-type stuff). I'm not sure if the timing change in the middle was intentional, but it kind of disrupts the overall flow a bit...

    Unrequited - Good that you've got a relatively diverse sonic pallette. The orchestration sounds fairly synthetic, which I'm sure is a limitation of your software to a degree. The melodic lines seem to wander a bit, though, and I think they could use more definition and clarity.

    I think you've got a good start - just need to spend some more time refining things and focusing on concrete themes, melodies, etc.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Okay...here goes

    I fixed those links...try them again, please.



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    Re: Okay...here goes

    I only listened to the love theme....I would say work on the dynamics...The strings seemed very static to my ears...The flute also seemed improvised..try working on the reverb level also..but i love reverb so take that with a grain of salt ....

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