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Topic: Need some pointers

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    Need some pointers

    I know there are lots of very knowledgeable people on this board, even some experts, and I need your advice.

    I am a traditionally trained classical composer and for the past six months I have been re-tooling for the electronic world. I have been working very hard at it using Logic along with orchestral samples (EWQLSO, GPO, etc) to write music and edit it by applying various plugins, etc.

    I've learned a lot and made tons of progress, but when I read the posts here and elsewhere, I often don’t understand what people are talking about when the conversation gets technical and I am wondering if anyone could recommend some general books or online tutorials for beginners at audio engineering.

    I finally realized that although I have studied harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, conducting, etc, I am performing the tasks of an audio engineer when I use digital samples and a sequencer like Logic to produce musical compositions. Needless to say, this is very different from what they teach in music school (at least what they used to teach) Since I have always performed with acoustic instruments in plain, vanilla live ensembles, I don’t even have the experience of electronic performance, so I feel that I really need to do some homework, but most books and materials I have seen are targeted towards studio recording rather than sequencing using digital samples.

    I’d be grateful for any suggestions.


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    Re: Need some pointers

    "The Complete Guide to Midi Orchestration" by Paul Gilreath is pretty good book...He touch basis on a number of things....from orchestration to mixing and plug-ins....Good overall...

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    Re: Need some pointers

    The Guide To Midi orchestration by Paul Gilreath

    I did't reed it myself but that's the only one i know, also make shure you get the last edition whitch is the 3th edition, i think.


    I think there's a few tips there, i'm not shure.

    I hope that helps, and how is japan anyway?


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    Re: Need some pointers


    I think there's alot of interesting stuff there.

    Good luck,... man i wish i can see japan one day.

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    Re: Need some pointers

    In general, Bill, try to learn the studio recording skills as well as the electronic/sequencing skills. The reason for this is that the studio recording skills inform the best use of samples/synthesis. It all starts with the acoustic phenomenon of placing a microphone in a room and capturing a performance, even if that performance is single notes mapped to a sampler patch.

    By learning the nuts and bolts of studio recording, you gain an informed perspective as to how the compromises of sampling play into your work, and how limitations and challenges can be overcome.

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    Re: Need some pointers

    Thanks for the tips. I took Bruce's advice and downloaded the latest edition of David Huber's Modern Recording Techniques and even after the first chapter, I feel like I already understand a lot more about the considerations that most go into recording samples.

    I have the Gilreath MIDI book, and it has helped a lot, especially his discussion of the various sample libraries.

    Hey, Geronimo, thanks for that great link about MIDI to VSL. Japan is unsually cold this year, and it even snowed about four inches in Tokyo last weekend, which is rare. I stay at home with my computer as much as possible these days.

    Thanks again,


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