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Topic: MIDI Keyboard questions

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    Question MIDI Keyboard questions

    I've recently purchased GPO, and have been using a Yamaha PSR-172 MIDI Keyboard to get by on the program, (though it has none of the suggested requirements, i.e. mod/pitch wheel, velocity sensitive keys, no controller knobs etc... but it works) I am currently looking to buy a MIDI keyboard which bests suits the needs for GPO, but I am a student, and therefore it follows that I am poor.

    I was hoping for some suggestions for which MIDI keyboard I should purchase, one that would only set me back a few hundred dollars at most, and that I could get the most value out of.

    I am also wondering if the controller knobs on most MIDI keyboards are needed for GPO, I'm not even sure what they are for What would I use the Keyboards controller knobs for when using the program, and is it necessary to buy a keyboard with these knobs?

    I don't mind using my current keyboard, though it has many limitations, it still does the basic job, but I'm going to have to upgrade eventually. I'm basically a hobbyist who loves to compose, but I'd like to have a good piece of equipment to work with, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!


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    Re: MIDI Keyboard questions

    Well, I have been using GPO for a year and a half. I don't have any knobs on my keyboard. No mod wheel. No need for any of them for me. So much depends on what use you will make of GPO. I use mainly piano and organ, and the mod wheel is of no importance for them. But I have some orchestral pieces, and solve the problem by using the GPO midi filter which I use to map velocity to mod wheel. I use my Fatar 88 note controller keyboard as input for nearly everything. I can not recommend it on cost, but otherwise, I like it. The keyboard I would recommend is one that feels good, has at least 76 keys, preferably 88. It must be velocity sensitive. After touch is good, but I have not found it necessary, but I probably would make much use of it if I had it. Not useful for piano or organ. If you plan on playing live with GPO, the feel and response of the keyboard must be to you liking. I rarely use it this way. If you do, I can not see how the mod wheel could be used, since your hands will both be busy on the keyboard, and you wil probably be using the pedal in the usual pianistic way.

    To explain my bias in these comments: for me, GPO is a way to create realistic demos of my compositions, not live performance. It is very good for this purpose. Check out the Listening Page and hear for yourself how good it is.


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