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Topic: "The New Frontiers"

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    "The New Frontiers"

    Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted a song or two on this site (or anything for that matter), sorry, but I've been real busy lately. However, I've written 3 new songs that are all connected in a series. Here's a link to the site http://www.angelfire.com/planet/musicofbrandon/ ... Please give me any comments, questions, or suggestions that you wish. Thanks!

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    Re: "The New Frontiers"

    Nice melody on The soldier. I like the way it builds up. Lush sound over all. I think you have a bit of the " sucking string sound going on around :45 secs.
    Not sure how to fiix this myself but I'm sure someone knows how to layer other samples in there to help it out.

    Enjoyable over all. Now on to the second piece.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: "The New Frontiers"

    Second piece is great too !!!!!! It is just unfortunate that it is so short. I think that it could use a strong B theme to help lengthen it out.

    Just my thoughts. Take em for what they are worth coming from a nut and all.

    Oops. Just went back to your site and saw that these are selections from your symphony. Are these just experts and if so when will we hear the whole thing?
    (The Nut )


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    Re: "The New Frontiers"

    Good work on this! Notes as I re-listen:

    Soldier -- very strong. [Side note - Check for a case or two where holding a tail on a note (think it was strings somewhere) a bit longer would have smoothed over a transition.] Powerful build and impactful! Perhaps a bit sparse in the opening?

    Returning Home -- also nicely done, Brandon. The first part's a good contrast to the earlier segment, and well put together. Like the horn work later in, and the layer-up into the strings. The reference back to Soldier is a good unification technique, and there are some interesting, rich sonorities in the orchestration of the latter part of this. You might perhaps consider a bit more variation in the repeated materials in places. Good ending.

    Promptus Pro Bellum -- likewise well done. Like the opening! The high strings, very effective, as are the timpani belts with the bells in counterpoise. Like the thematics in the strings, later mated into the woodwinds, toward the end.

    Overall, some excellent moments in these excerpts -- a lot of drive, drama, and the occasional dilemma.

    I will be most interested to hear the completed symphony, Brandon!



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    Re: "The New Frontiers"

    Thank you for all of your comments! They are very much appreciated. These are full songs in a series, not excerpts. They are meant to sound very film like, which I really hope I have accomplished in these pieces. I'm still looking for films, shows, commercials, etc. to write for, but no luck as of yet.

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    Re: "The New Frontiers"

    Well youre doing a fine job. Just try keeping your self out there so someone will pick you up. Careers are started on the smallest of flukes.
    (The Nut )


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