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Topic: Mouse Wheel as a Mod Wheel??

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    Mouse Wheel as a Mod Wheel??

    Hi All,

    I've just purchased some of the Garritan products and think they're wonderful, and have just discovered how important the pitch and mod wheels are!! Unfortunately for me, I have a lovely Roland with 88 key's and no wheels. I have seen some great software produced by some to download to assist with overcoming any short comings people might have. ....is there anyone out there who would be able to create a patch where a mouse wheel could be used as a pitch/ or mod wheel (maybe a fnctn lock + mouse wheel for pitch, and fnctn off + mouse wheel for mod???)...or perhaps a furture suggestion for Garritan??

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    Re: Mouse Wheel as a Mod Wheel??

    Huh... you know, since I have a controller keyboard with a joystick that could be an excellent problem solver for me too. What a cool idea. The only problem might be that mouse wheels are so small you can't really get the nice smooth throw you need. Plus they are stepped. Just mapping mod wheel to mouse movement might work though.

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    Re: Mouse Wheel as a Mod Wheel??

    This is indeed a very interesting idea. With practice I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out. I just bought a mouse from Staples whose scroll wheel isn't steped and is quite smooth. I haven't hooked it up yet to see how it works--it's for my new computer that I'm still putting together.

    Good idea!

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