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Topic: VOTA question

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    VOTA question

    Greetings all,

    I have a question for those of you who use Voices of the Apocalypse with Gigastudio 3.

    I currently use Sonar and Gigastudio to score films, and am looking at buying VOTA. My question is a simple one.

    When using the word-building utility that comes with VOTA, how flexible is it with regard to skipping around in the music? For instance, if want them to sing "O Holy Night" at the beginning of the piece, and then there's 50 measures of orchestra, and then "Joy to the World," how does the word builder know which words to trigger?

    An example, given the above piece:
    If I'm 100 measures in and I click play, does the word builder always start back at the beginning of the words you've typed in, or does it somehow know that you're in the middle of a vocal passage? Does the Sonar MIDI option "Transmit Song Position Pointer" have anything to do with this?

    If I have not been clear, please let me know, and I will try to explain further.


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    Re: VOTA question

    Hi JF!

    I've got VOTA, GS3 and the word builder. And, no, there's no coordination between the word-builder and the midi pointer.

    Here's what I recommend.

    1) Connect the word builder between your keyboard and Sonar.
    2) Go to measure 1.
    3) Record the lyrics for measure 1 into Sonar.
    4) Go to measure 100.
    5) Record the lyrics for measure 100 into Sonar.
    6) Cut, paste, adjust timing, adjust the envelope, try different vowel combinations from Sonar, until you get the result that you like. Keep a copy of the raw word builder sequence, in case you tie yourself in a knot.

    By working this way, you can jump around your sequence, and not worry about sync'ing the word builder. Also, the word builder gets you close, and gives some level of control, but you have more fine-tuning control in the sequencer.

    Does this make sense?


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    Re: VOTA question


    Thanks for the response! By "keyboard" I'm going to assume you mean the alphabetic keyboard.

    As I think about it more, I think I understand what you mean. Given that I haven't used it yet, it's hard to know exactly how I'll set things up, but your post has given me a good place to start.

    Another question though: How does the $50 word builder compare to the free one that comes with the library? What are the real, practical differences between them? I know the paid version has a virtual english dictionary built-in, but I will most likely have my choir singing phrases that sound like latin, rather than english. Are there any other technical benefits to purchasing it?

    Also, in your last post, what kind of fine-tuning were you referring to for the sequencer?

    Thanks again!


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    Re: VOTA question

    Hi JF,

    By keyboard, I mean the MIDI keyboard. I assume that you will play the initial phrase into the sequencer to get lifelike cadences. The tool can then make VOTA sing in real time, and the sequencer can record the processed sequencer, rather than just the raw notes from the keyboard.

    Regarding the original tool, I've never used it. I bought the $50 word builder at the same time that I bought the lib.

    Regarding fine tuning, the tool allows some, but not all tweaks. For instance, it's easy to change the durations of consonants and release samples in the tool, but not much else. The main thing the tool gives is a fast way to audition and learn the ins and outs of making VOTA sing.

    Once recorded in the sequencer, you may want to create more complex dipthngs (multithongs?). For instance the word builder easily says "FA", and can also say "FAY", but not FAYAOOAAHOOEEE. At least not with one note. Also, in the sequencer, you can change the expression (volume) for every consonant and vowel, independently.

    The fun thing about the word builder is that you can type in a phrase, and just start playing it from the MIDI keyboard. It allows fast auditioning. By recording that into the sequencer, you get a nice baseline, rather than trying to build words from a blank page.

    All the best...


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