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Topic: US Voters please read

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    US Voters please read

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    I don't have the link handy, but a hacker hacked a Diebold voting machine and changed the outcome, took under three hours from start to finish. Regardless of which party you support, I assume if you vote you'd like to be sure your vote was counted correctly.

    I'd like to make a recommendation that every voter sign up for an absentee ballot. This is mailed to you, and you vote on paper and return it. Must be hand counted. The only way this can be defrauded is to have the paper ballots thrown away, as purportedly happened in Florida in 2000.

    Want your vote to count? Don't use the computer.
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    Re: US Voters please read

    I don't know if this is the same hacker, but it was demonstrated well before the 2004 election that this could be done quite easily.

    Unfortunately, nobody seems to care.
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    Re: US Voters please read

    I used absentee ballot last election... but I didn't really have a choice, as I am at college Regardless, I feel more comfortable with paper ballots anyway, and absentee ballots help keep the postal service busy.
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