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Topic: Christmas Eve On Cape Cod - Linton/Leonard

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    Christmas Eve On Cape Cod - Linton/Leonard

    Here is a song composed and sung by Susan Linton and arranged by Vince Leonard. Beautiful work on the arrangement Vince!

    This song was done in Finale with the tracks taken to Digital Performer and Altiverb was used for the reverb. Vince writes that "the only non-Garritan sound is the Sleigh Bells. This really wasn't done for the purpose of releasing it, just to demo the arrangement for the singer, but she was impressed enough to run with it."

    Christmas Eve On Cape Cod - by Susan Linton, arr. Vince Leonard

    Perhaps we can start thinking about the Christmas 2006 CD

    Thanks Vince and Susan for sharing this with us.

    Enjoy this heartwarming song!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Christmas Eve On Cape Cod - Linton/Leonard

    Lovely work on this arrangement, Vince!

    Say hello to Ms. Linton. I recognize that voice -- I had the pleasure of hearing her on at least a few occasions around Cape Cod.

    I'm not much of a songwriter, by the way; but this one... certainly seems like a first-rate winner to me!

    And now, I believe I'll go pull the Christmas tree back in from the woods out yonder, and put it back up again...



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