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Topic: Returning Home - by Brandon S.

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    Returning Home - by Brandon S.

    Brandon S. has sent in a new piece called "Returning Home"

    "Returning Home"

    Brandon writes: "This piece is a part of a series, and as I said before, it is written like a film score. The sense that I have tried to create with these pieces is a slight colonial feel. This particular piece "Returning Home" is based on soldiers returning to their modest homes in towns from battle. The beginning is the atmosphere of the town and its residents, evenntually it builds to them seeing their friends, husbands, sons, etc. coming over the horizon. I hope to get as many critiques on this piece as possible, thanks again"

    So critique away and enjoy!

    Thanks Brandon for sending this in.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Returning Home - by Brandon S.

    Very effective at setting a "colonial feel", Brandon.

    (I believe I heard earlier takes?)

    Good forward building on it, and maintains its impetus well. The simple unifying and propelling device of the snare hits works nicely in this.


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    Re: Returning Home - by Brandon S.

    Superb work Brandon. And it does have a very colonial air. The Celtic like melodies were a good choice as many colonials were Irish. Your orchestration is flawless. Lets hope Hollywood finds you.

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    Re: Returning Home - by Brandon S.

    "Returning Home" certainly has a vision of colonial people. It builds to a wonderful climax and releases one gently. There's a lot of powerful emotion going on in this piece. I enjoyed listening. Thanks so much for putting on the forum.
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