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Topic: Is Ivory better than GS pianos?

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    Question Is Ivory better than GS pianos?

    Hi all,

    Dovetailed this question into another thread...

    If I get Ivory, is it going to blow away the piano sample libraries I have in GS? I cut an instrumental piano record a few years back using EastWest SteinwayB (sounded great after it got mixed and mastered by professionals), and I have a pretty decent Yamaha. But these samples have their quirks.. So will it be worth my while to go with a dedicated piano plug-in?

    I was thinking of putting it on by GS platform (Music XPC) instead of using it directly as a plug-in on my Mac G5 for Logic or ProTools. Any advice?


    Kelly Carpenter

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    Re: Is Ivory better than GS pianos?

    Please read the "Akoustik or Ivory? Help me decide..." thread.

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    Re: Is Ivory better than GS pianos?

    I went through the same quandry; is it worth the bucks to see if Ivory is better than GS pianos (I was using Old Lady). The answer is easy: yes. There is no comparison. Ivory is the first virtual piano that is actually gratifying to play in the midrange. The better virtual pianos all sound good in the bass and treble, but the midrange always sounded artificial and harsh. Ivory got it right. I say, spend the money, it's worth it.

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    Re: Is Ivory better than GS pianos?

    B3 is right about the midrange - it sounds brittle on all but the best pianos. But there are now others in the same league as Ivory. Different but in the same league. Art Vista's Virtual Grand, Post Bosendorfer Grandioso are the two I've tried, but there are probably others.

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    Re: Is Ivory better than GS pianos?

    I must sound like a broken record here but Ivory is friggin' amazing.

    As time goes on it is nice to see more people here (that actually own it) singing it's praises.

    I agree the midrange in sampled pianos was not up to snuff for me till I got Ivory.

    They are releasing an additional piano soon (Fazioli) that I have high hopes for as well.

    I can't comment on the most recent releases from other manufacturers cause I am so happy with Ivory that I am not planning on buying anything new for a while.

    They did a hell of a job with that plug in.

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