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Topic: Oops. White House Caught With Its Pants Down

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    Oops. White House Caught With Its Pants Down

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    "WASHINGTON - A July 2002 Justice Department statement to a Senate committee appears to contradict several key arguments that the Bush administration is making to defend its eavesdropping on U.S. citizens without court warrants.

    The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the law governing such operations, was working well, the department said in 2002. A "significant review" would be needed to determine whether FISA's legal requirements for obtaining warrants should be loosened because they hampered counterterrorism efforts, the department said then.

    President Bush, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other top officials now argue that warrantless eavesdropping is necessary in part because complying with the FISA law is too burdensome and impedes the government's ability to rapidly track communications between suspected terrorists.

    In its 2002 statement, the Justice Department said it opposed a legislative proposal to change FISA to make it easier to obtain warrants that would allow the super-secret National Security Agency to listen in on communications involving non-U.S. citizens inside the United States."
    Robert Gregory Browne
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    KILLER YEAR: Stories to Die For (Jan. 2008)
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    Re: Oops. White House Caught With Its Pants Down

    It appears that the administration is just going to stonewall by pretending it sees nothing illegal about its wiretapping. The model, I imagine, is the strategy over Iraq: refuse to admit the obvious lies and mistakes, and hope attention will be diverted elsewhere. Fortunately, enough Republicans are scared by the idea of a kingship, however.

    I just wish the 2006 elections were this month.

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    Re: Oops. White House Caught With Its Pants Down

    Quote Originally Posted by neoTypic
    2006? I wish the 2008 ones were.
    I wish the 2000 ones were.

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