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Topic: New GPO Piece - Homecoming

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    New GPO Piece - Homecoming

    Hi Everyone - I have a new piece called Homecoming - entirely GPO and FL6.

    Grateful for any comments / feedback.

    Rgds. Mike.

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    Re: New GPO Piece - Homecoming

    A pleasingly tender ode, Mike.

    Nice work on this.


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    Re: New GPO Piece - Homecoming

    Thanks David - much appreciated.

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    Re: New GPO Piece - Homecoming

    This piece certainly carries the mood of a pristine snowfall and a "crunchy" walk home in the snow. It is well presented. Thanks for sharing it.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: New GPO Piece - Homecoming

    Thanks Rich - It's freezing here today so quite apt.
    Rgds. Mike.

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