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Topic: Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

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    Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

    I have spoken with Mr. Garritan regarding his collaboration with Steinway, and about the contents of yesterday's thread, and about my part in that.

    I apologized to him for my overzealousness yesterday. I would like to acknowledge that here as well. It is one thing for me to be passionate about issues that affect our community. It is another thing entirely to take it to that degree publicly. Gary deserved the dignity of choice, and I pushed the issue past the boundaries of good taste. I could have called him, and I didn't extend him that courtesy. Gary had the graciousness to accept my apology, and I appreciate it.

    We had a long conversation about the issues. It is not appropriate for me to share specifics, but I am satisfied his intent is not to limit others' ability to sample Steinway pianos. He has also indicated that Steinway will clarify its intentions regarding future use of their mark. He feels Steinway is a good company, and that their intentions are honorable. I hope that when the intentions are clarified that we will be made aware of it, however, that will be Gary's call.

    I hope we can put rancor aside, and refocus the energy into meaningful discussion.

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    Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

    Respect for Bruce +1.

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    Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

    And I'll add the same. It was never my intention to imply that Gary was in any way withholding info for 'business' reasons, or that he was, in some manner, not straight or honest with us.

    My apologies,


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    Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

    You have been criticised for making unusually long posts as if you have no life, I am in the same boat. I enjoy this forum as much as the next guy, and my heart always sinks when I see a topic or product go south.

    I want to congratulate you on your courage and guts to acknowledge Gary for his honesty and intregrity to this matter. Sometimes Gary and his products are made fun of.... so much at times that I just want to scream.

    I imagine that the negativity often associated with his inexpensive, yet excellent products is just jealousy of his accomplishments. I find no significant faults with other sample developers' products, and I just wish the people that criticise his products would have hands on experience with them first before judging them.

    Anyway, you are to be congratulated.

    Have fun!


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    Thumbs up Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

    Thanks Bruce,

    That was very gracious and big of you and it means a lot to me. I'm glad we had an opportunity to talk and we have much in common. I've always valued your expertise and participation in this community.

    Gary Garritan

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    Good one...

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    Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

    Class acts - Both of you.
    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
    Hint:1.6180339887498948482 Φ

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    Settled like gentlemen.
    Good to see. Passion is a good and useful thing.So is reason.
    "Manners maketh a man", so I think Bruce and Gary are real men.

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    Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

    good job. looking forward to the piano.

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    Re: Garritan Steinway Announcement

    Awwwww now everyone can have a group hug.


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