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Topic: Garritan GPO-Lite Reason Refill

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    Arrow Garritan GPO-Lite Reason Refill

    As some of you may know, a new Propellerhead Reason Refill will soon be available based on a "lite" version of the Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO), which happens to be a project of mine. You can see an announcement of this product in this thread:
    I also have a link there to a song I did using only Reason and the new GPO-L Refill.
    The Propellerhead web site can be found here for those of you wondering what Reason is:
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: Garritan GPO-Lite Reason Refill

    Here is a demo song "Holiday on Balar Isle" the Doyle did using the new GPO Reason Refill:


    As seen on my Web Page:

    Thanks Doyle!

    Gary Garritan

    NOTE: If you are wondering where on earth is Balar Isle, here is the short answer. Actually, Balar Isle was located in Middle Earth during the First Age, one of the last refuges of the elves after being defeated by Morgoth (Sauron of Lord of the Rings was merely a servant of Morgoth, and the War of the Rings was a minor battle). So the song is a bit tongue in cheek with the idea of the "vacationing" elves in exile on Balar Isle.

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