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Topic: Friedrich Gulda - In Memoriam

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    Post Friedrich Gulda - In Memoriam

    on the 27th of january 2000 died friedrich gulda.
    i'd just like to remember him today also beacuse he was probably the best mozart interpreter ever existed and well... today is the 250th birthday of the austrian composer.
    i had the honour and the luck to meet gulda twice.
    the first time it was in a disco in ibiza...he was surely a very eclectic pianist.
    hard to find a beethoven sonatas recording set that can compare to the one he made.


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    Re: Friedrich Gulda - In Memoriam

    My favourite classic pianist....
    Mozart Piano Concertos - Gulda - Abbado!!! Those are incredible things!!!

    In memoriam,

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    Re: Friedrich Gulda - In Memoriam

    His compositions were great, too. Keith Emerson of ELP played Gulda's 'Fugue' (which was a prelude & fugue employing the Bach rules but using jazz voicings and phrases) in concert. This was my intro to the music of Gulda.

    He also jammed with jazz greats and was known as a musical non-conformist aswell as being considered the leading interpreter of Mozart and Beethoven sonatas.

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    Re: Friedrich Gulda - In Memoriam

    I used to have a recording of Gulda playing some Mozart Piano Concerto, and during the longish orchestral statement at the beginning he improviseds unwritten arpeggios, which the liner notes said were common in performances during Mozart's day. It sounded casual and fun, and I'm sure Mozart would have approved, but not many contemporary classical soloists would have the necessary degree of originality or chutzpah to do that. I think because he also played jazz he was a more interesting classical soloist. I'm not a big Chopin fan, but Gulda's recording of the complete Preludes knocked me out.


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    Re: Friedrich Gulda - In Memoriam

    does anyone know where to get some of gulda's music??

    either scores or mp3's.... i couldn't understand anything in his site.

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    Cool Re: Friedrich Gulda - In Memoriam

    Quote Originally Posted by lulu
    does anyone know where to get some of gulda's music??

    either scores or mp3's.... i couldn't understand anything in his site.
    Hi Lulu,

    unfortunately it is very difficult to find recordings/scores of gulda.
    he also used to record for indipendent labels.
    i had to travel trough austria and germany to collect a consistent number of his performances.
    i believe you could try searching for the titles "gulda non stop" and "mozart no end and the paradise band": these were recorded for sony classical and are available on cd and dvd. in my opinion the best is to be found serching for the music label "amadeo" for which he recorded a lot (the legendary complete beethoven sonatas recording set and many of his compositions were recorded for amadeo).
    unforgetable is also the cd with improvisations together with chick corea made for philips classics (but i think it's out of catalogue).
    i've also found scores of his piano compositions for the viennese editor "papageno".
    give google a try...


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