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Topic: VST Hosts on Windows XP

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    VST Hosts on Windows XP

    Hello all,

    I need to find a (hopefully) inexpensive VST host software on Windows XP. I have heard of V-Stack, but can't seem to find it anywhere except on Audio.com's website, and they say it's discontinued.

    Any ideas?

    (I'm going to get Ivory but want to run it on my WinXP platform than directly on my Mac.)


    Kelly Carpenter

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    Re: VST Hosts on Windows XP

    You can't go wrong with Bidule.


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    Re: VST Hosts on Windows XP

    Brainspawn's Forte has been serving me quite well.


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    Re: VST Hosts on Windows XP

    Another vote for Forte'


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    Smile Re: VST Hosts on Windows XP

    Hi all,

    Thank you much for your feedback. I'll check out the products you suggested. For anyone else curious about this subject, I found the following link quite useful: http://asseca.com/hosts.html


    Kelly Carpenter

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    Re: VST Hosts on Windows XP

    Native Instruments will soon be releasing Kore, which may be the best option, if their literature is accurate. heck it out here:http://www.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=kore_us
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: VST Hosts on Windows XP

    An other vote for Forte.
    I haven't bought it yet but when I tried out all the demos of things I could find 6 months ago it's the one that struck me as most stable and easy to use.


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    Re: VST Hosts on Windows XP

    I use Ross Bencina's "AudioMulch" for many different tasks - hosting VSTs and VSTis being on of them. An open, very capable concept, for little money.

    -> www.audiomulch.com


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