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Topic: Graphic activity causes audio to stutter like crazy!

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    Unhappy Graphic activity causes audio to stutter like crazy!

    Hello everyone,

    I have a huge problem with my new rig. Got myself an Asus A8V (since everyone raved about how stable that mobo is) and an AMD X2 3800+. After a while the sounds starts to stutter/crackle like crazy when I open menues, scroll webpages, move windows around fast, etc. I can't provoke this and I have no idea whatsoever what really causes it. It just happens. No logic at all. No matter what I'm doing...recording, surfing, chatting. I've tried two different gfx cards, Asus Radeon 9200SE and GeForce2 MX, moving my two soundcards around (SBLive and Hoontech/Soundtrack DSP24), reinstalling everything, changing the PCI latency values...well, everything. But I just can't get rid of the crackling/stuttering. It appears on both soundcards (perhaps slightly less on the SBLive). The only difference between the two gfx cards is that with the GeForce2 MX the sound is slowing down when I minimize or maximize windows, like wow-oaah...wow-oaah...with the Radeon it just crackles/stutters.

    This is my second Asus board. Before this I had an A7N8X Deluxe, and with that I got this BRRRRP sound sometimes when typing on the keyboard (!!). I always seem to get stuttering audio with Asus boards, and still I keep buying them. Sigh...

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Graphic activity causes audio to stutter like crazy!

    Your soundcards might be the weak link. I've got the A8V, but with a slower processor. I've also got a Radeon 9200SE. I'm running an M-Audio Audiophile 192 and it works great. If you want to spend less, consider the 2496. I really liked my MIA, but it isn't compatible with the A8V Deluxe, so don't go there.

    FWIW, I run two 512M sticks of OCZ Platinum Rev 2 RAM (2-2-2-5), and an Athlon 64 3000+.


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    Re: Graphic activity causes audio to stutter like crazy!

    Thanks for the reply,

    I've been looking at the 2496, seems to be a reliable standard card. But I doubt that there's a problem with the SBLive...hmm...

    What are your AGP settings?

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    Re: Graphic activity causes audio to stutter like crazy!

    I'm back!

    My AGP settings in the BIOS are

    Primary Graphics Adapter: AGP
    Search for MDA Resoruces: No
    VLink 8x Supported: Enabled
    AGP Mode: AGP 8X
    AGP Fast Write: Enabled
    Graphics Aperture Size: 64 MB
    AGP 3.0 Calibration Cycle: Disabled
    DBI Output for AGP Trans: Disabled

    I think those are the stock setting. Best of luck...


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    Re: Graphic activity causes audio to stutter like crazy!

    Ok, update...

    This happens with any combination of cards (GeForce2 MX, Radeon 9200SE, SBLive, Hoontech DSP24), and the crackling always appears on both soundcards no matter what slots they're in. So apparently it hasn't got anything to do with shared IRQs.

    I pulled out the Hoontech card to see if that was the weak link, and put the SBLive in the middle slot (according to the manual it's shared with the network controller). If a John Doe card like the SBLive doesn't work then something is seriously wrong.

    I have had two installations of Windows on this machine so far. First XP SP1, and then a release which had SP2 (need SP2 for AMD X2 compatibility). Apparently this is a low level error.

    My observations so far:

    The SBLive alone is far more stable but the crackling still appears. It also disappears after a while...that never happened with the Hoontech, I had to reboot. I also updated the BIOS which didn't help at all.

    The sound crackles and stutters when I open menus, maximize or minimize windows, and when there's Flash content on a website...i.e. when there's a lot going on.

    I was recommended the Asus A8V Deluxe on the Cubase forum, but I could only find an A8V so I got that instead. Figured it was basically the same thing. Perhaps I was wrong.

    Now I'm thinking about ditching the A8V and getting this instead:

    It's basically the same thing as the A8V Deluxe but made by MSI. (Can't find an X2 ready A8V Deluxe in Sweden.)

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    Re: Graphic activity causes audio to stutter like crazy!

    Ok, apparently both the SBLive and Hoontech DSP24 har incompatible with the Asus A8V. What are the odds??? I threw them out and got an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 instead. Works beautifully. Well, the soundcard that is. I still have this annoying problem with Cubase. Read about it here:


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