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Topic: Uprade to GS 3

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    Uprade to GS 3

    I use Gigastudio 2.54 for some years and have a huge sample library.

    Simple question (probably answered before): Are those gig samples still working with GS3?

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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    Yup, they'll all work.

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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    I had a 100% success converting my previous libs to GS3. Well, alsmost. I think that one file was corrupted and failed, but reloading from the original disc fixed it.


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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    Thanks for the data. Do I need a special program to convert the files or is it part of GS3?

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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    I'm not sure what he means by converting - perhaps he means from Kontakt. You shouldn't have to convert your old gig files. Gigastudio 3 will load them just like Gigastudio 2.54 did.


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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    GS3 can use older gigs or newer ones. If you convert to the new format, you get the advantage of lossless compression, which means that you get to load more instruments in RAM, and they load faster.

    In fact load times are so fast with GS3 that I don't even bother with templates anymore. When I want an instrument, I load it. If I don't like it, I unload it and load another.

    GS3 includes the GS2 to GS3 conversion.


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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    .gig files from 2.54 load fine, but I've had some trouble with 2.54 .gsp files (such as templates). They seem to load o.k., but when I hit play, the computer will lock up or BSOD. The workaround is to load the .gsp and before sending the giga computer any MIDI, write down the instruments and mix settings, then close the .gsp and build a new one from scratch using your notes. I haven't had any problems with .gsp's that were built in the newer versions-

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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    Open your 2.54 .gsp files in 3.12. Save them into another location (so you still have the originals). Open the newly saved 3.12 .gsp files.

    - G

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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    Excellent answers. Thank you. That really helped.

    One more question:
    How is GS3 installed? Do I have to uninstall 2.54 first or does the installer it automatically?

    Or can both versions be installed on the same computer?

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    Re: Uprade to GS 3

    It's been a while, but GS2.5 gets uninstalled. Just follow the instructions, which are very straightforward.

    If there are problems with uninstalling GS2.5, you can run the GigaClean utility.

    Once installed you have a ten-day window to register it. Don't run GigaClean after installing GS3, or you lose the ten-day deal. Don't try to save or restore the registration either, until you get your numbers.

    Tascam will e-mail you your serial number - it won't be in the box. You need that before you can register it.

    All the best...


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