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Topic: New user Black Grand Demo

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    New user Black Grand Demo

    Just got this great demo from Gerrit Zwofernik where he uses the Black Grand in such a great way!

    Gerrit says:
    "I bought from you the "black grand close" sample in GS3 24 bit format, and played it now for a couple of days. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT GIVES ME REALLY INSPIRATION!!!"
    Gloria (4 movements: con espressione, unisono (vivace), andante, toccata) - Gerrit Zwoferink
    "a inspired improvisation of myslf, playing the BGC. recorded in GS3 24 bit 48000 Hz, converted using Adobe audition 1.5 to mp3 format. default "chamber 5" reverb patch added from GS3."

    Check out the Black Grand here.
    Still 50% discount.....

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: New user Black Grand Demo

    I'm on dial-up (and so haven't heard the demo) but I'm interested in the Black Grand for its far and mid-distant mic sets, perhaps to use on it's own in some spartan sounding pieces.
    Perhaps they are meant to be used with the close mic setting, but on their own how might the sonics differ from the close mic set and a decent hall reverb? Thanks.

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