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Topic: better vst performance in cubase

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    better vst performance in cubase

    hey, just wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about this.

    i have a p4 2.6 512 ram pc, and obvioulsy running EWQLSO etc on this machine can be tricky.

    in standalone modes, i can hardly even load and play 8 instruments, and even then there are clicks and pops etc.

    but when i open a VST in Cubase sx 3, i get much better performance, i can open 2 full kompakts , and it all plays back smoothly.

    i noticed with the grand 2, since you get a indicator saying how much ram you have left on your system, that standalome modes of the vsti`s consume all of the pcs ram , and then some, but in cubase, opening the same vsti`s will not consume more than half of what it does in standalone.

    For instance, when opening the grand in standalone, it says ram left 15 MB etc, but when openend in Cubase i got 250MB ram left? and
    there are no glithces and pops in the sound in cubase , as there are in standalone modes. and that goes for all the vsti`s i have as well.
    isnt that strange? does anyone know why? is it a paging file thing?

    just curios.


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    Re: better vst performance in cubase

    This makes perfect sense to me, albeit a little extreme. That's the whole idea of coming up with the VSTi architecture, so that you can run the instrument inside the host program. This allows the sequencer program full control of the input/ouput of the VSTi so it can fully integrate it. And this consumes a lot less resources of the computer, there's no separate program, memory allocation is lot eaiser, you don't need to instantiate a sound card driver, or you don't need anything like ReWire to route the audio internally back into the sequencer, etc.

    The wierd part is that a lot of people have said that K2 has better performance in standalone mode, which seems backwards to me.


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