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Topic: Stutter plugin?

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    Stutter plugin?


    I'm looking for a stutter plugin that takes a sample of a specified length, repeats that while I'm holding a midi note, and lets me change the speed (and pitch) of the playback continuously, not just in steps of 4x, 8x etc. There's one called Phutboyslim that would be perfect if it wasn't for the lack of continuous speed control.


    Would be a bit tedious to cut out the bit I want the stutter effect on, process that with Phutboyslim and then try to pitchshift and timestretch that...instead of just 'playing' it on the keyboard.

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    Re: Stutter plugin?

    Tedius, I guess... but that's how I thought Autechre, for example, does it. I thought that the Smart Electronix guys had something like this from one the developers over there. Might be worth checking them out.

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    Re: Stutter plugin?

    I use "Glitch" - PC only, not sure if you're using a Mac or a PC. Anyway, linkage:


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    Re: Stutter plugin?

    just checked out glitch .. strange how he wants us to pay for beta software ?

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    Re: Stutter plugin?

    Quote Originally Posted by fitch
    just checked out glitch .. strange how he wants us to pay for beta software ?
    Heh, heh... One could argue that most developers have us pay for beta software...

    Anyway, it works great and in my experience he's very responsive to emails re: support, feature suggestions.

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