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Topic: Network Problems - PLEASE Help!

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    Thumbs down Network Problems - PLEASE Help!

    OK, I have to admit I'm a complete novice when it comes to networking, and I'm hoping I'm just doing something really stupid that someone here will spot.

    I have two machines, both with ASUS motherboards, P4 3GHz processors and 2GB DDR RAM. My Sequencing machine is running XP service pack 1, whilst the Giga Machine is running service pack 2.

    I've linked them with a CAT5e crossover cable, run the network wizard on both, and all seemed fine. Pinging each machine is successful, I can explore both machines from the other.

    So I installed Gigateleport, followed all the set-up instructions, and again everything appeared OK. The GT ports found each other and determined latency of 256 samples, the first port in GS lit up red every time I hit a key on my keyboard. So I tried loading an instrument - VSL ensemble violins. When I hit a key I got a horribly granulated sound, a bit like a violin sound which has had ring modulation applied several times until it has disintegrated. Tried to load a different instrument, and got the same result.

    My first thought was that the speed of my connection wasn't up to it - it's supposed to be Gigabit LAN, and both adapters claim to be running at 1000Mb, but I thought this might not necessarily mean that everything was OK between them. I tried to copy a file from my sequencing machine and paste it onto an empty drive (with sharing set up) on the other, so that I could measure the transfer rate. It refused to do it though, telling me I either didn't have permission or the drive was inaccessible.

    Then I noticed that there was a little warning triangle on the connection icon on my Gigamachine. I clicked on it and was told there was limited or no connectivity. When I asked for more information it said the network had failed to assign it a network address.

    Firstly I don't know how to get over this problem. Both machines have an IP address - neither has a network address, but I can't find a place to assign one, nor do I know what one would look like.

    But I'm also not sure this is the problem with my audio. I've set up every drive on both machines to be shared, turned off both firewalls. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

    Added to this, I just discovered that my UF8 keyboard won't send velocities over 100; and whilst I was trying to play with the velocity curves my PC stopped being able to see it at all. I've spent about 6 weeks doing nothing but sort out problems with both machines, and recalcitrant software, and malfunctioning monitors, without getting anywhere near to making music. I am so ticked off that I'm about ready to just throw the whole lot on the scrap heap.

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    Re: Network Problems - PLEASE Help!

    To help you I need some more information.

    - open a command shell (Start->run and enter cmd as command)
    - enter ipconfig and press return
    - enter route print and press return

    Do this on both computers.
    Post the results here and maybe I can help you.


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    Re: Network Problems - PLEASE Help!

    Thanks Tom, the problem seems to have gone. It seemed to be the latency setting of the soundcard on my sequencer machine. I moved it from 256 samples to 512 and the whole set up started behaving itself. Told you I was a novice - I really ought to have thought of that first.

    I still don't know what limits there are on the connectivity, but so long as it isn't information flow then I'm not worried.

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    Re: Network Problems - PLEASE Help!

    Pingu, one of my DAWs used to act strangely on the network and take ages to "allow" another machine in and so on. Turned out that Windows firewall was turned on for the network adapter of that machine.

    I turned it off and the machine now runs like a dream.
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    Re: Network Problems - PLEASE Help!

    I'd have guessed midi feedback.
    Glad you got it.


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