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Topic: Piano song

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    Piano song


    I didnt write since a bit of time was busy lately! But I listened to everyone pieces just didnt got time to write comments yet

    Anyways I finished this piece. Its really simple compared to what other do here but well I do my thing only by earring since I have no course in music (I will take course eventually hopefully! but its costy). If you find some part you dont like you can say me, or I can post partition anyways if someone can help me make it better I wrote this very fast (was in the night for bout 1h30, for me it was fast) like 6 months ago.



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    Re: Piano song

    Hi Saldor - this is a nice piece and really builds up. Did you use the Steinway in GPO for this ?


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    Re: Piano song

    Saldor, "simple" is not a bad thing! Quite the reverse -- though I doubt I'd characterize this piece as particularly simple; "subtle" would be more apt.

    To me, this is a lovely contemplative piece, rather reminiscent of the piano nocturnes of late Romanticism and early Impressionism.

    Fine job on this! I enjoyed the piece.



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    Re: Piano song

    Yes a fine job.
    I can't make any suggestions to change it. I enjoyed listening.

    (The Nut )


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    Re: Piano song


    Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Yes I used Steinway in GPO for this. I wrote this in Sibelius and GPO.


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    Re: Piano song

    Hi Saldor,

    I enjoyed your piano work very much! Yet another piece that makes me wish I could play the piano I only wish I could here this played live in person
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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