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Topic: New Symphonic Movement

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    New Symphonic Movement


    I have recently completed (more or less) my first significant piece of work using GPO and Sibelius. I would love to know what everyone thinks of the sample quality, the music, or anything else that you feel worth mentioning.

    Thanks for the ear.



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    Re: New Symphonic Movement

    Excellent writing, Matthew, and shades of Mahler, an ambitious composition -- brought forward with great success!

    Congratulations on this achievement.

    I'll let others more adept talk to you about technicals; I'm going back for another listen of the music.

    May I summarize with a simple but resounding...



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    Re: New Symphonic Movement

    Yes, definitely some echoes of Mahler. What an excellent piece! It must have taken quite a long time to write this. Impressive writing I must say. I really did enjoy the parts near 7:00 - 9:00.

    Some remarkably good stuff here. Makes us Sibelius users proud! (or at least it does for me ). Keep writing more!

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    Re: New Symphonic Movement

    Great piece! I enjoyed your symphonic movement a lot; the development especially.

    The only thing I didn't particularly agree with was the reverb... but that's mostly because I'm more accustomed (and therefore biased) to the kind of reverb I use

    This is definitely a great work. I agree with echoes of Mahler comments Bravo! I'm definitely saving this one on my computer.
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    Re: New Symphonic Movement

    Terrific work!

    I really enjoyed this ….and think it's one of your best works!

    There's a noticeable development here... not merely repeating motifs, but unique variations that build and continually drive your theme forward in a clear direction until the end.

    Great work indeed Matthew !… I'll certainly have a few more listens..


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    Re: New Symphonic Movement

    wow...yes, mahleresque indeed...riveting - i enjoyed it immensely and your "expanded" form is impressive, if nothing for your patience! good work!!!

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    Re: New Symphonic Movement

    Hello, will be posting a critique soon.
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