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Topic: Liquid Grooves - Question

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    Liquid Grooves - Question

    Does anyone know which Spectrasonics sample CD is used for the ethnic vocal sounds on the Liquid Grooves mp3 demo? Audio mp3 link here. There are a few different "ethno" sounding sample CD's in their catalog and after listening to the demo mp3's of the Akai catalog I cannot figure out which one it would be.

    I assume Spectrasonics still sells the Akai libraries? I own Symphony of Voices, not to mention Atmosphere, Trilogy, and RMX + all the Sage Xpanders and I cannot express enough how much I love this company. Eric and his people are awesome.

    I appreciate it if anyone can help me out.

    Mark Holloway

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    Re: Liquid Grooves - Question

    Thanks for the nice comments. :-)

    That voice is from Heart of Africa.


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