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Topic: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

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    [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist


    Here is my new demo, the first one with Gold Pro XP

    It is about a mad scientist doing insane experiments, dancing, laughing, etc... It could fit in a Gothic ambiance like those from Tim Burton's movies.

    The Mad Scientist.mp3

    Enjoy it
    Comments are always welcomed.


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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    Very Cool track! I Love the Psyco violins!!! LOL

    You've got a trombone a bit out of time there at 1:07 to 1:09,
    but you probably know that.
    You could have possibly used more expression / dynamics ...
    sinking into an almost silent hush somewhere ... then swelling to absolute madness ...
    ... but it's still very cool.
    Fun track. Enjoyable listen. Thanks.


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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    Nice. Reminds me of Elfman a little and I thought I heard a bit of Williams's Harry Potter theme in there.

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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    Thanks for your comments

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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    Great energy! It reminds me a bit of the score to Evolution, which definitely had a science-gone-wrong theme.

    That was fun!


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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    Great tune! I really enjoyed, and definitely reminded Tim Burton's movies.
    What samples did you use there?
    []'s, Fabrício Zuccherato
    Wormhole Studios

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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    Thanks guys.

    I used only Gold Pro XP which is awesome (just listen to the solo viola, it is marvellous)

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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    This was great!

    ...I love this kind of work.

    I agree with all the comparison comments to Elfman.
    Still, you kept it interesting throughout, up to the very end.
    nice mood/tempo change transitions.

    Great stuff!


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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    I just had to chime in and give you some props. I love the low strings and the viola is indeed marvelous. Nothing critical to add. Excellent work all around.

    Beautiful website too.

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    Re: [MUSIC] The Mad Scientist

    Yeah beautiful demo of Pro XP library!!!
    Definely Elfman with a bit of Williams (Harry Potter)!!!

    Great use of the articulation throughout the piece.
    You have been able to take the attention all along this piece!!

    Only my congrats!!


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