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Topic: Sibelius /Strad

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    Sibelius /Strad


    I plan to buy STRADIVARI, but before I want to know if I will be able to make it work in Sibelius ?



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    Re: Sibelius /Strad

    Quote Originally Posted by Saldor

    I plan to buy STRADIVARI, but before I want to know if I will be able to make it work in Sibelius ?


    Right now the Stradivari works in Kontakt 2. I'm not sure how well Kontakt 2 will work well with Sibelius. The Garritan Studio host application does not host Kontakt 2.

    A Kontakt Player version of the Stradivari is being developed by Native Instruments. When that is released we can looking into updating Garritan Studio to be able to host the Stradivari player so that it will work in Sibelius.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Sibelius /Strad

    K2 works about as well as it does elsewhere with Sibelius, but you have to use it in standalone mode.


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    Re: Sibelius /Strad

    First of all, I'm still using Sibelius2 and Sonar4.

    I have a found a workaround method to use any vsti or dxi in Sibelius, by re-routing the midi connections with Midi Yoke at http://www.midiox.com/

    Here's how I do it,

    After installing the Midi Yoke drivers, you'll have an additional 16 midi ports (Midi Yoke IN 1 to 8, and Out 1 to 8)

    Open Sonar (or any other Vsti or Dxi host), and
    - Disable the midi port for the Keyboard controller which you will use in Sibelius.
    - Enable the Midi Yoke IN ports 1 through 8 (or as many as necessary). Do not enable the Midi Yoke OUT ports.
    - Insert the vsti's you wish to use in Sibelius, and set a different Midi input for each Vsti - set them to Midi Yoke (1 through 8, channels omni or as preferred).

    If using more than 1 Vsti,
    - create at least one empty MIDI track (for each vsti) with Midi Yoke (1 through 8) Omni in, and
    - Enable "Input Echo" for all these tracks. Somehow, if this step is skipped, only one vsti will play at any one time.

    Open Sibelius and
    - Enable the Midi Yoke OUTs 1 to 8
    - Choose the ports and channels that you've configured in SONAR, to use for each instrument in the Mixer.

    This configuration works for multichannel sound modules (SONAR TTS-1 and Virtual Soundcanvas too.

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    Re: Sibelius /Strad


    One week ago, I purchased the Stradivari libraries and I would like to use them with Sibelius (4.1.5) GPO Edition.

    I succeeded to load Stradivari and GPO libraries inside K2 player and hear some sounds playing with the virtual keyboard.

    When I tried to use the the GarritanStudio004 to make the Stradivari visible for Sibelius, I could not load the the libraries because the Kontakt player is not at the right version (

    So, is there any way to run K2 player directly (I would like to avoid any MIDI tricks) from Sibelius, as I do for GPO and JABB librairies, without using Garritan Studio which cannot host K2 player ?

    My thanks in advance for anybody who could help me.

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