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Topic: portamento

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    Hi I bought the JABB last week and am really pleased with it. The one thing I can't figure out, though is the portamento control. Wherever I set the cc20 to "on" between notes or at the start of notes or anywhere (!) I can't hear any difference. Can anyone help? Do I have to leave a gap in between notes and turn the porta on there? And when do you use the rotary controller? The manual rather assumes some knowledge that I don't have I'm afraid. Thanks


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    Re: portamento

    I've been trying to get this (portamento) to work from Finale notation, too, myself -- without success.

    Maybe some generous soul will explain this in terms a techno-ninny like me can follow, as I am failing stunningly well at figuring out what the documentation means... lol.


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    Re: portamento

    Tom Hopkins wrote this tutorial a while back, but I think it should help you.


    Good day and good GPOing,


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    Re: portamento

    Karl, I'm very interested in the answer to this problem as well. However, the link (and I don't know if this is true for all) is not working for me. I continue to get,
    "http cannot be found ..." Just to let you know.

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    Re: portamento

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have read the tutorial and I'm afraid my brain hurts.
    Perhaps if someone could talk me through this simple scenario (for a simpleton like me), then it may be of benefit to all:

    e.g on trombone 1 in 4/4, I have two half notes in a bar (E followed by A) the E overlaps the A slightly. The first note I want tongued the second slurred. I therefore add cc64 after the E starts (correct so far?). This turns the A into a slurred note. I want to climb from the E to the A. Where in the bar do I add cc20 and for how long and do I need to use cc19 and where in the bar. At the moment the A sounds bizarre and is gliding down! I have read in the tutorial that this needs to be overcome, but I cannot work out the permutations with 19,20 and 64.
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: portamento

    Quote Originally Posted by dearmonty
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have read the tutorial and I'm afraid my brain hurts.
    I have that effect on people! I'll try to find time to use your example and create a simple explanation (as simple as it can be, that is) with midi files. It might be early next week before I get back to you. In the meantime, take two aspirin and get some rest.


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