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Topic: Piano prelude

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    Piano prelude

    Hi everybody. Today I was practicing some piano, when suddenly got one of those bursts of inspiration, and ended up writing this small prelude, after about 7 hours of work (GPO rendition from finale included)

    So, since it was written in finale and then played back with GPO, the dynamics and all those little things aren´t worked out yet, but I think it might work (No sustain pedals for example), and some dynamics sound to abrupt to me.

    Anyway, I´d love to hear some comments, should I work more on the piano rendering?

    Again, thanks a lot to Gary for hosting this. Here´s the link:


    See you in the chat and thanks in advance
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Piano prelude


    A top-flight job on this: piano writing at its best, José!

    Technically, I do not know that this needs much work, but for a bit of massaging on dynamics and perhaps a little more attention to tempi. As a pianist, I doubt I would use much sustain pedal at all... I like the fine clarity of it as is.


    A wonderful piece!


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    Re: Piano prelude

    This is a wonderfully beautiful piece! Great job. I enjoyed sitting back listening to the beautiful harmonies
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Piano prelude

    Really nice job on this. I think I hear a little Chopin in there Overall, I think stands pretty well as it is. You might tweak some dynamics in a few spots as David said but I think the piano rendering sounds very good. Cheers!


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    Re: Piano prelude

    Nice arrangement!

    ...Your piano skills are wonderful.

    My only minor technical critique was that I found the ambience a bit too full at times. Perhaps it’s a result of the continual sustain pedal causing the overlap.

    Still, a wonderful composition. ( wouldn't change a thing there!)


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    Re: Piano prelude

    thanks a lot for the comments!!

    I´ll work on the GPO-dynamics manipulation to make them a bit smoother, and I´ll add just a bit of pedaling. (I´ll let you know when it´s ready, I think I´ll be able to work on it in the weekend)

    thanks again!
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Piano prelude

    Keol ,
    What a master full work!!!. Sounds excellent to me. You have to give me the score, I would love to play this on my piano. Thank you for posting this. I can tell your training has really paid off. Now I see why your instructor has allowed you to take two music classes at once .

    (The Nut )


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    Re: Piano prelude

    Lovely Piece here Keol.
    I imagined Beethoven sitiing and improvising.What a great sound you got out of the GPO Steinway.

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    Re: Piano prelude

    thanks a lot for the comments, 88fingers and joaz!!

    well, I think I managed to prepare a "performable" version. here´s the pdf, 88fingers. please, I´m still not sure to make perfect editions so if you find something to fix please tell me.


    thanks a lot! you asking me for the score is an honour

    (A friend asked me to make a string quartet version... I might work on it on the weekend. Not a masterpiece, but I think is one of the best things I´ve ever written)

    and, A fugue might follow... someday

    Anyway, again thanks a lot.
    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Piano prelude

    Good work. Nice formal arc. Keep it up, and maybe that follow-on fugue!

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