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Topic: Mono mode / Mono or Legato mode?

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    Mono mode / Mono or Legato mode?

    Hi there everyone,
    Does anybody an easy/quick way to set up Giga 3 so that the second note played cuts off the previous note?

    We are using a pizz bass sample and the pizz notes are overhanging when a run is played, which doesn't sound very natural at all.

    In the EXS24, a simple way to achieve this was to set the polyphony limit to 2 or 3 voices. Any ideas of a similar feature anyone?

    Any help gratefully received.
    Many thanks


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    Smile Re: Mono mode / Mono or Legato mode?

    There exists an iMIDI rule in Giga3 that will accomplish this...

    Once the instrument is loaded into the sampler, right click on the instrument in the "loaded instruments" pane and open the iMIDI rule manager.

    Load the "Mono Mode" iMIDI rule.

    In the "Mono Rule Initialization" dialog, select Staccato Mode and choose a note off delay time.

    If you want the ablilty to play in both Mono and Poly Mode with the same instrument, also select the "Auto Detect Polyphonic mode" option in the
    "Mono Rule Initialization" dialog. This option uses a timing window to determine whether you are playing a melody or chord...

    "Apply and Close" out of the
    "Mono Rule Initialization" dialog and "OK" out of the iMIDI Rule Manager...

    you can now save this modified instrument as a Gsi with new iMIDI rules. Alternatively you could apply this rule on a more permanent basis by adding the rule to the instrument using the GigaEditor...To access the iMIDI rule manager in the Editor first open the Gig file in the editor then right click on the instrument you wish to apply the rule to and choose iMIDI rule manager from the menu...(the instrument load light has to be green in the editor for you to be able to access the Rule manager)

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    Re: Mono mode / Mono or Legato mode?


    I would think that saving the gsi would be more flexible, and take less memory than copying the gig file and applying iMIDI in the editor. Advanced editors could make a sample pool and have both gigs point to the same samples to save memory.

    Are there any other tradeoffs between saving the iMIDI'd gsi and editing/saving a new gig file?



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