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Topic: Troubles with Pro Tools RTAS and Virtual Instruments

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    Unhappy Troubles with Pro Tools RTAS and Virtual Instruments

    Hello all,

    Curious if anyone out there that, like me, has problems running virtual instruments as RTAS plugins in Pro Tools? It's not that they don't run, but I can't run very many without getting "not enough CPU power" messages.

    My current PT rig is a dual 2.0 ghz mac G5 with 5.5 gigs of memory, Digi 002 rack. Thought this would handle just about anything. But I when I load Stylus RMX with two instances of Atmosphere, PT can't get through a song, especially if I'm trying to record audio. (Not picking on Spectrasonics here, it's just that they're more in the heavweight CPU load category.)

    I recently purchased Logic Express 7 because I have heard of its superior composition abilities. Guess what? I can really load that program down with all sorts of virtual instruments, such as Stylus, multi Atmosphere instances, multi Korg Wavestation instances, Amplitube, B4, lots of FX, lots of EWS24 samples, and it doesn't skip a beat! (I don't like the fact that Logic has only +6 db of headroom, compared to +12 db of PT.)

    Anyway, am I alone in my RTAS woes?


    Kelly Carpenter

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    Re: Troubles with Pro Tools RTAS and Virtual Instruments

    What OS and PT versions are you running? Are they blessed versions?

    Also, PT 7 gets a lot more mileage now - they got rid of all the legacy OS 9 code and it's pretty much as efficient as everything else.

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    Re: Troubles with Pro Tools RTAS and Virtual Instruments

    By the way, it's not 6dB of *headroom*, it's 6dB of gain on the faders. But I agree that the 12dB of boost is great in PT. They only added that in 6.4.something.

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    Re: Troubles with Pro Tools RTAS and Virtual Instruments

    Re: versions... I'm running PTLE 7 on OSX 4.3. All current software wise. I was soooo looking forward to the claims of increased RTAS efficiency due to utilization of the dual processors. I've seen only marginal improvement. And I have to run PT with 95% CPU utilization and a high hardware buffer to keep it from retching. This makes tracking audio unpleasant. I have to choose between tracking at high latency (with noticeable 50ms delays), or choosing the low latency monitoring and lose the virtual instruments and reverb in the mix.

    Thanks for the input!

    (And also about the correction about the headroom vs. fader gain. I'm not an engineer. :-)

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    Re: Troubles with Pro Tools RTAS and Virtual Instruments

    Digi from the very beginning has said you should not install "unapproved programs" until other developers have optimized for PT7. Even if you dont use these unapproved programs in a session, they create conflicts beause PT initializes the programs on start-up.

    I know you have heard this too, but did you trash all PT preferences AND Digi Databases on all drives, and have you repaired permissions before and after any new install?

    Have you tried the new CS updates?

    Check out the Digidesign forum too. There are many posts on this.

    Good luck!!

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