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Topic: Missing instrument

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    Cool Missing instrument


    Although I'm certainly more than fully occupied by the complexities of JABB IMO there's one jazz instrument that's conspicuous by its absence.


    Of course it's limited to a certain period, but the Saturday night trad jazz memories of long gone school days in the sixties have left me a particular penchant for New Orleans style jazz, and JABB has no banjo...

    Kontakt 2 scripting should help with convincing banjo strumming, I suppose.

    In an update/refill, please?



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    Re: Missing instrument

    Have you ever witnessed a big band playing next to a banjo player ?
    Harmonica anyone ?

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    Re: Missing instrument

    Quote Originally Posted by Phonosynthese
    Have you ever witnessed a big band playing next to a banjo player ?
    Harmonica anyone ?
    Not as far as I can recall. But the product is called 'Jazz AND Big Band'. And I've seen my fair share of banjo players in dixieland and trad jazz bands, and that's a type of jazz music that I happen to like.

    And while you're laughing, you can include legendary jazz harmonica player Toots Thielemans in the merriment...

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    Re: Missing instrument

    Hrmmm, but does Dixieland count as *real* jazz?

    Okay, okay: I'm admittedly a bit of a snob there.

    At any rate, there are a few banjo SoundFonts available for free out on the web. Track 'em down and tell us which one you like the best! Then it's up to you to write a piece with it and convince Gary to add a banjo to the next update.

    - m
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    Re: Missing instrument

    Once again, mighty mouse must ride to the rescue to plug the gaps. For under 40 euros, the amazing Papelmedia sample set, complete with all orchestral instruments, all jazz instruments, choir and soloists, four types of guitar -- and,yes, banjo, should meet your needs. I have just tried out the banjo. It has a good twangy ring and will set the joint jumping. It all plays back on the free sfz sample player if you need one. And, of course, on Overture 4, if you have that, you can mix sample libraries in your file to your heart's content. Having said that, I am still the market for a high-end product when Garritan libraries get around to it. The link is http://www.papelmedia.de/english/produkte/index.htm

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    Re: Missing instrument

    Thanks for the tips! Looks like I'm running out of excuses... ;-)


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    Re: Missing instrument

    Hrmmm, but does Dixieland count as *real* jazz?
    I know it was a bit of a joke--but I Had to reply--Is Dixieland "real jazz?" How about, um, it's one of the Oldest forms of jazz there is. It's certainly more "real" than what my local "Smooth Jazz" radio station keeps trying to tell me is jazz while they're playing some soft rock tune that might have a sax thrown in.


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    Re: Missing instrument

    Sorry, I just can't resist putting my penny's worth in about this "real jazz" business. Let's try and avoid an argument about labels (and, for what it's worth, I would use a far more restrictive meaning of the word "Dixieland" than anyone else around here seems to). The question is, should this kind of music come under JABB's purvue? I would very much hope that early jazz styles, such as Armstrong's Hot 5s, The State Street Ramblers, Johnny Dodds' various groups and so on would be catered for.

    So yes, I too was quite surprised by the absence of a banjo.

    Incidentally, and maybe a bit more constructively, I wrote a short tune accompanied by pizzicato violins and violas (in GPO) with maximum velocity and fairly high mod wheel. The result sounded uncommonly like an old funky gut-strung banjo. I've been meaning to experiment with this effect some more, perhaps using the length knob and pitch bend to simulate hammering-on and ... oops! ... now that's *real* not-jazz I suppose.
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