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Topic: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

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    Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

    A short while ago I stayed with someone who had a Roland HP 7e digital piano...

    A fairly expensive instrument.

    Through headphones this piano (to my ears) sounded great...not a perfect emulation...but a very nice tone.
    (it wasn't so great through it's own speakers).

    As a result I decided I'd purchase a decent virtual acoustic piano......I picked the Arts Vista VGP...not the most expensive but it seemed to have a good reputation around the forums.

    Compared to the Roland, I was quite disappointed in the Arts Vista.
    To me it sounded very 'boxy'....even a tad muffled with quite a lot of presumably natural room reverb.

    The Roland was livelier and the (very little) reverb sounded much nicer and subtler.

    I was expecting the Arts Vista to sound every bit as good as the Roland...if not better.

    Was I wrong to expect this?

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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

    Ignatius, I hope you're removing your hunting cap before strapping on the headphones!

    peace to all my fellow dunces,
    have quill -- will bleed...

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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

    The Artvista is my all-time favorite piano. It absolutely sounds the bomb in the kind of music I am making (70s style light prog/classic rock) and sits comfortably in a mix. You can almost smell the wood. It may not be to everybody's taste, but for my purpose, it's the absolute best out there.

    The classical piano presets indeed sound a bit muffled. Try the pop piano presets or the Elton John/Beatles presets to get a brigher sound.

    Also try and play around with the EQ1 and EQ2 knobs. They can remove a lot of the 'mud' in the sound as well.

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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

    As an owner of both a Roland RD-700SX and the Art Vista Piano, I would like to add my two cents here. While I do think that the 700SX is Roland's best digital piano yet, and I think that the action and "Superior Grand" sounds are outstanding, the depth and detail of the Art Vista really do surpass it. It fact, I spent some time just last night doing another comparison after tweaking some buffer and latency settings, and continue to be very impressed with the Art Vista. I may still add Ivory or Akoustik Piano in 2006, but I'm in no hurry anymore, and will await the planned updates to the latter, at least.

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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

    The Roland has a sound that I personally hate. It´s thin, extremely unnatural with no harmonic content and on top of all that it´s so dry it hurts your ears. If you turn on it´s reverb you get the cheapest thin verb you can imagine.

    Now that can work in specific music styles. .... but it has very little to do with a real acoustic piano sound.

    Roland uses loops so all samples have 0% natural evolving sound over time. In fact playing any chord has a dentist drill effect. It has few samples per octave, so all tuning is mathematically adjusted, resulting in "dead" not singing chords. Intervals are strangly hyper in-tune which makes them sound very yukkie with real instruments or vocals.
    It must be admitted that this is probaly their best piano to date, but it´s not my cup of soup.

    Now the Arts Vista is a warm, rich, super natural sounding instrument that inspires every time you use it. It sings. Has a mellow, always changing harmonic structure that really works.

    It may not be brittle or "clean" enough in your book or for your musical liking but I consider it by far superior to the Roland piano sound.
    That said, no piano sample is superior, they´re all different. Different tastes, different sounds, different ears.

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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista


    Are you running it in kontakt or through its own player? In kontakt2 there is a bug with VGP that makes it sound the way you describe it until you remove something an LFO.


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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

    I *personally* agree with the other opinions posted so far.

    BUT, the only opinion that needs to matter to you is yours. Thousands of people buy Roland pianos and love them so if you decide to do the same it's not like you'll be an unclean outcast. Just go with what you like.

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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

    I agree, lots of people like this kind of sound and there´s nothing wrong with your feeling if you prefer your piano "stirred not shaken" or "shaken, not stirred". Whatever sounds best is best for you.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista


    Artsvista Steinway B isn't the best sampled Piano around here.

    it's not a super natural sounding instrument...

    Even the Eastwest Steinvay B sound better.

    I play every week a real Steinway B. It's another story.

    it's just my opinion.



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    Re: Piano comparison..Roland v Arts Vista

    Quote Originally Posted by Olivier

    I play every week a real Steinway B. It's another story.

    Ever considered sampling it;-)?

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