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Topic: Impulse question

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    Impulse question

    NOT Star Trek related!

    I have been using artificial reverbs for so long and have not really delved much into the arena of impulses.
    The question is with an impulse prog, they give you a bunch from a specific "space". Now, in these there are impulses called center, left, right, ect. What exactly does that mean and how is it applied? I have been using center impulses either far or close simply because im unsure what the left right ect are meant to do. Is it like listening from that position??? Or is it meant for placement? To top it off there is omni/xy blah blah lol

    In this instance it is perfect space in sonar 5 im dealing with and the documentation ofcourse is sparce.
    Robert Davis

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    Re: Impulse question

    Good question. How do you choose between all the mics, distances and directions?
    I found some good reading here:
    on how the impulses are captured.

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    Re: Impulse question

    The problem is that I don't think there is a standard naming convention for mic placement or impulse placement. If you come across a collection of impulses from a single room (like the free Concertgebouw), there are multiple placements on stage, and for listening, I believe. You may have to experiment to find out which impulses are for which. I'm not at my DAW, and I can't recall the names.

    The idea for usage for something like this would be to place different instrument sections on the stage by way of choosing the impulse that was recorded at that location. An impulse recorded "Front, Left" would be a good choice for your violins, for example.
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